Friday, November 2, 2007

Work, work, work

So a couple of months ago I got an opportunity to show off my mad programming skillz to the world when a guy a co-worker of mine knows contracted me to build a website for him (that was a hell of a sentence). Anyway, about an hour ago I pushed a live beta (Utah only) version to the world ( after a week of very intense work. Monday and Tuesday alone I worked 27 hours; but hey, more money for me, right? That's especially good since we are moving in a week and a few days. I figure this project will last at least a few more months, and once it is complete, I will have an excellent specimen to add to my portfolio, allowing me to snag more work in the future.

So right now I also have a job with a company named Empire West. They are a plastics company, and they make some rather neat ceiling tiles. But anyway, while my bills are paid by Empire West, I don't actually work on any Empire West projects. You see, the owners of Empire West and a company called Pavement Engineering Inc (PEI) are good friends, and they often trade resources. I am one of the resources they trade. So all the work I do is actually for PEI. Well, I told my boss (Sam) this past Monday that I am going to move to Texas. Conversation proceeded and I am going to be a consultant for PEI from my house in Texas (for more money than I am making now). Yeah, I know, I am awesome.


Aaron said...

You're moving back? hoooooray! i knew you couldnt live w/o me. you moving to rockport or cstat or wheres?

Aaron said...

oh yeah, the site. Lookin good. i approve. but after beta testing (playing around with it) the tabs at the top arent working. but other than that.... i like the embedded gmap and sliders. very web 2.0. umm you should tottally throw some hot slanted line patterns in there and those starburst things they put on meat packages at the grocery store. those things are hot right now. and by hot i mean trendy.

i am jealous of your skills. if i ever decide i need to have a webpage, like if i ever do stuff worth mentioning... you're totally my man.

Aaron said...

oh, and make the affordableprivateschools banner at the top a link back to the homepage. i know theres a home tab, but most people do it, so some users expect it to link. and it takes like 3 seconds.

Aaron said...

the sign in link in the top right doesnt work.

Kurtis Welch said...

1) We're going to move to Rockport
2) Yeah, I will definitely make the banner a link. That is really simple thing that just got overlooked. Thanks for the heads-up.
3) Haven't quite implemented the sign-in yet.